• Client Care

The CARAS Mobile App

The CARAS Mobile App is an exceptional communications tool, keeping a vital line of contact between care providers and the mobile devices of staff in the field.

Working on the Android OS, the CARAS Mobile App provides care workers with the essential information they need to support each individual client and an invaluable line of communication with your head office, accurately reporting and recording events and developments in real time that occur throughout a schedule of visits.

Features of the CARAS Mobile App include:

App schedule

Work-schedules are sent in real-time direct to the staff member’s phone with full details of clients address, emergency contacts, synopsis of care & activity details.

App schedule location

In case of an emergency, staff can use the APP’s Lone worker protection function to send an SOS message to a dedicated on-call mobile/manager’s device.

App schedule Clock

Using GPS and Sat Nav software, Caras stores the real-time information of attendance, which is returned to the Caras Management System and recorded as actual times in the timesheets for approval prior to generation of invoicing & payroll. Simple to use, “Start” & “Finish” the event.

App schedule help

Easily send messages direct to the staff and between staff & staff using the Mobile app. Check location of staff direct from the CARAS system.

App schedule QR Code

As an alternative to GPS and distance location checking, the unique QR code from the service users’ care plan created by CARAS can be scanned, showing proof of visit and real-time attendance.

App schedule app

Create care note messages for accurate and real-time non-editable recording of care activities stored against the client details within the CARAS Management system.

All the information you require is literally at your fingertips!