• Locum Supply

CARAS Locum Supply

CARAS Locum Supply software is a fully integrated, easy to use booking and scheduling system to match Locum Staff such as Pharmacists, Doctors, Teachers, Opticians etc to customers needs.

Customer Records

  • General data set recording of client contact details
  • Set Default shifts to specific branches for easy & quick booking functionality
  • Link and manage customer branch information under main head office/branch group
  • Set & link required data set qualifications and requirements matched to staff for booking process

Staff Records

All qualifications such as DBS and medication training are recorded, and CARAS will alert you at regular intervals of qualification expiry in order to plan refresher training.

Accessible by supervisors within the system, record Bank details, NI, GOC & GPHC numbers

CARAS shows the number of hours booked for each member of staff, the number allowed under visa or benefit restrictions and will alert you once the target has been reached

Staff with specialist qualifications can be matched to clients with the relevant needs, while staff without these qualifications will be blocked from caring for those specific clients

All training records may be monitored and exported using the Qualification CSV - "Training Matrix"

Staff work schedules can be reallocated or unallocated and client records automatically updated

If a work permit, visa, GOC or GPHC number is due to expire CARAS will alert you to the fact and if not in date will on allocation of a shift hide those staff on a separate exceptions list.

CARAS records all spot checks, supervisions, missed calls, complaints, incidents and appraisals, providing a full overview of the capabilities and shortfalls of any given staff member

Long term absences, holidays and other such events are accurately documented

Document Management

Link all relevant documentation such as contracts and general correspondence for clients.

Scan and store PDF documents for staff within their own records such as proof of ID, photo ID, training & qualifications certificates.

Financial Management


CARAS will generate payroll and give you control of the timing of your payroll period. You will be able to see the payroll for each day displayed in the Finance Payroll View. As with invoices, payroll can be exported to Sage or other accounting packages.


Using the CARAS finance module, you can generate invoices when you need them, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. These can be related to a contract, funder, group or single client. There are many formats available, and invoices can be either sent out direct from CARAS or exported to Sage or other accounting packages.

Mileage and Travel

CARAS will automatically calculate the travel time & mileage and record this on timesheets for invoicing & payroll. This function links to the Payroll supplement report for National Minimum Wage checks.

Allocation of shifts & Timesheets

Allocate the shifts, matching staff based upon search criteria, right to work, qualifications, availability & compatibility.

Continuity of staff – on allocation, CARAS will show all available staff for a specific shift, sort to show which staff have been to the client before, how many times and last date of visit.

Confirmation of Bookings – report to send to client with full details of staff attending the shifts

Automatic time sheet generation for bookings for generation of invoicing & payroll.


  • Over 400+ reports available within CARAS
  • CSV/Excel and printable formats
  • System Reports
  • Client & staff activity reports;
  • Finance reports, Compliance & Management reports
  • Confirmation of bookings, filled and unfilled shifts, sales income planned & processed

All the information you require is literally at your fingertips!